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Simple how to identify the authenticity of the wax

by:Kirin      2020-09-20

beeswax become the market to be bestowed favor on newly gradually in recent years, a string of 60 grams of wax beads, valued at thousands of yuan, a little better quality, tens of thousands of yuan, but the problem of identification is also facing the collectors, experts 12 beeswax identification methods are summarized, and let your discernment authenticity. A, salt water test method: amber density in 1. 05 - 1. In between 10 1:4 ( Salt: water) Saturated brine, amber, lightweight plastic and resin can float, ordinary plastic, glass, acrylic and bakelite sinking. Thermal test: burn red needle thorn amber is not obvious, tastes light rosin. Bakelite, plastic is a spicy smell and sticking to the needle. Three, the knife cut the needle test: a paper knife cut amber will powder, resin will fall off into pieces, plastic will roll film, glass is cut. With hard needle and 20 - to the horizontal line 30 degrees amber can feel crush and very fine slag powder, if there is hardness of different plastics or other substances, or is not moving, is either very sticky feeling even tuck in. Four, wash nail polish potion: cotton swab repeatedly rub brush try amber surface, no obvious change. Plastic and press and amber didn't change, but the resin and copal because no petrochemical will sticky pit corrosion, put rosin medicine soak it will slowly dissolve. Five, the feel is: amber is a neutral organic gemstones, wear is not very hot in summer, winter wear is not too cold, very gentle. Use glass or chalcedony prevention have ice ice very heavy feeling. Six, eye view scales: this is the main way to identify Mosaic amber. Popcorn in the amber that tend to have a beautiful lotus leaf scales, it has a different feeling from different point of view, diopter nor, emitting a spiritual light. Fake amber transparency is generally not high, death ray scales, different perspective is almost picture, lack of sensitivity of amber. Fake amber scales and decorative pattern is inject more, so much the same, the market is one of the most common red scales. Seven, eye view bubble: bubble is round, more of amber suppress bubbles for long sector in amber. Eight, ultraviolet irradiation: put the amber in counterfeit detector, it will be a fluorescent, light green, green, blue, white, etc. The most obvious, amber, Jin Po color blood amber and beeswax discoloration is not obvious, the more deeply, the more obvious, plastic will not change color. Nine, aroma: amber when friction is only a little almost can't smell very light very light or simply could not smell, but the amber with the skin friction generates a fragrance, and pearl friction produces fragrance. Amber only burns will send out a fragrance. Ten, sound test: no Mosaic of amber beads in my hands gently knead move, will be very soft, slightly depressing noise, if the voice is more clear plastic or resin. Eleven, friction with electrostatic: take amber on clothes after friction can attract small cabinet. Twelve, spend money to do identification: to CMA jewelry appraisal center for measuring the refractive index, density, etc. Best test method: eye view, ultraviolet light, feel, salt water, other way more or less even detect a certain damage to amber, amber is true above identification methods cannot be used alone, should use a variety of testing methods layer upon layer separation, separate.

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