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Silver will become China's 925 new wholesale fashion jewelry consumption

by:Kirin      2020-08-16

according to statistics, China this year, more than 420 billion yuan 925 silver sales scale hope into the world's largest market in 2020. China in 925 sterling silver jewelry jewelry consumption showed amazing potential. And with high net worth population continues to increase, the future & other; Custom & throughout; Or become a new fashion 925 silver jewelry consumption of Chinese. Authority, according to preliminary estimates, in 2013 China's 925 sterling silver jewelry jewelry industry sales of more than 420 billion, including of gold jewelry accounted for 65% to 70%, platinum, diamond, jade jade, pearls, and other accessories market accounts for 30% to 35%. Silver jade jewelry management center, estimates that China's 925 based on sales in the domestic 925 silver jewelry industry for many years rapid growth, China is expected to become the world's largest in 2020, 925 silver consumer market. China's 925 silver jewelry consumption show the incredible potential, attracting more and more merchants and world famous brand 925 silver to & other; Break into & throughout; 。 And in some of the best brand point of view, under the background of high net worth population scale expands unceasingly, China's 925 silver custom market is to contain the huge opportunity.

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