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Silver wholesale let you offered when the choose and buy more

by:Kirin      2020-09-24

silver wholesale network said: a lot of people don't know from when choosing mustard which laid hands on him, and I don't know what suits you offered, for such circumstance how to better understand clearly about the choose and buy of mustard way? Here to give you details about what time of silver in the wholesale silver pick you offered, the hope can give everyone a standard: first: middle finger type tip: add the charm of the shape of the hand according to the personal style as your fingers belong to medium, then you can wear any shape according to the hobby and individual style of rings. But bear in mind that any ring inlaid ornaments on should not long to refer to the joints, also can not be wider than the width of your finger. In this way, your hand type modification can achieve perfection of graceful, make you look more attractive. Second: long finger type: the horizontal line style to shape the shape of the hand of a slender fingers should wear beautiful horizontal line of the ring, article style such as high, rich, multilayer, round and square with stone Mosaic will be good. Avoid pear-shaped, lam pointed and straight ring, because they can make you look more thin fingers, try the same finger more than thin ring, horizontal stripe and slender fingers suitable lining, can increase the charm of hand. Third: short, it is the type of secret: modify the shape of the hand of the defects of short in a straight line style refers to the type should choose linear shape, olive shape, pear shaped ring, avoid round, square and rectangular stone ring. The design of the ring is a straight line or diagonal lines, best because it makes a short look more slender fingers.

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