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Silver wholesale distribution of 925 silver injected vitality

by:Kirin      2020-09-13

925 silver order as a special consumer goods, fashion design, material form is emotion, the carrier of culture, consumer services to 925 silver, in addition to pay attention to design personalized and beautiful, more 925 silver request order can play a special (SMS), on the function of spiritual pursuit. Injection in the design of the spirit of appeal is an important part of 925 sterling silver jewelry customized value-added, so-called spiritual pursuit, is inside the jewelry into customized customer emotion, the side of the story, affection to extend, will, of course, vary from person to person. Mr International famous Italian 925 silver designer Fulvio Maria Scavia said: & other; A work is not just 925 silver is a luxury material packing machine, piled up like that no vitality. Exquisite technology is just a piece of work touched the hearts of the most basic conditions, and only works containing emotion and imagination, can be a fair death honors the whole life, find the meaning of the soul and life & throughout; , also, custom 925 silver to impress customers, in addition to the material and craft, more should reflect the vitality of gems and customization of the author's spiritual pursuit, only in this way, can we truly to customize customer personal taste. Secondly to ensure that the 925 silver custom process quality. Good quality is the precondition of customers satisfied with the 925 sterling silver jewelry ordering. The improvement of modern technology and equipment for the good 925 silver customized process quality. But be sure to 925 sterling silver jewelry customized regularization processing and management, will not have to cut corners phenomenon because of the cost savings. Second master process to technical level is high, because the custom of personalized customer requirements is higher, the custom style each different, thus machining process is more complicated and diversified, such as a jewelry, will also involve the micro with, such as filaments, ball side, true color, different from traditional mass popular product of the process, so the request processing and version of technicians of rich experience, excellent craftsmanship. In addition, 925 silver custom process quality include style, structure, material, function conforms to customize the needs of their customers.

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