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Silver small encyclopedia - — Symbolic meanings of various kinds of jewelry

by:Kirin      2020-09-21

jewelry, with its precious, elegance, rare, the characteristics of the rich cultural background and the appearance of the shine was deeply loved by people. Many people wear jewelry is not only for decoration, more important, because all kinds of jewellery has its unique symbolic significance, it is a carrier for people to express their artistic conception, express emotion. So, you know about all kinds of jewelry the symbolism of the? Diamond, has the characteristics of beautiful, white, hard, a symbol of the purity of love, and loyalty to the love the same belief. Actually, symbolic meaning to the love of diamonds has been very popular, now the majority of people will be a diamond ring as a pledge of engagement, marriage. Pearl, with magnificent colors and elegant temperament, is pure, the meaning of health and long life, is the best gift gift elders. Pearls and jewels the queen's reputation, its noble and elegant temperament is loved by his female friends. At the same time, international stone industry will also be lucky stone, pearls are listed as June 13th anniversary and the 30th anniversary of memorial stone. Jade and emerald, and the two stones are green, green is a symbol of great vitality, adumbrative will bring opportunity and good luck. Emerald is a very precious jade, known as jade. Jade particularly popular in China and some other eastern countries, so called the treasure of the east by the international jewelry industry. And emerald is known as the king of emerald, may the birthday of the stone, is one of the rare gem international jewelry industry, it has its unique green and magical legend, has always been a favorite in the west. Garnet, red but not bright, a symbol of faith, virtuous, honest and loyal. People like garnet, not only because it is the charm of appearance, more important is, it is believed that wearing garnet will have an unbelievable magic power, make the person not jeopardized, killed ChengXiang, and has important function of memorial. Amethyst, with elegant purple, because it's a beautiful purple, so has been loved by people of jade, have the laudatory title of the king of the jade, which is the symbol of peace, tolerance, patience, mentality, international stone industry will be a birth stone amethyst as February. The ancients think people amethyst can promote mutual understanding, trust each other, bless all the people all the best, but each peace, and resistance to infectious diseases and suppress the evil thoughts, therefore, purple stone of SPAR and honest reputation. Peridot, is a kind of green with yellow, similar to olive low-standard gems, olivine colour and lustre downy, beauty, moral similar couples such as Penn, marital harmony happy. Ruby and ruby in the bible is the most valuable among all stones, bright red is a symbol of passion, love and dignity; Also is this kind of hot red makes it linked with love, think of it as the stone of love, heralding the warm, beautiful, virtuous, and eternal love. Ruby and July are the stone. In the east, the red is a lucky color, so red as fire of ruby is also have the good fortune, flexibly. Sapphire, deep blue composed and serious, as a symbol of love and faithfulness. At the same time, the sapphire is also known as the stone of destiny, to bless the wearer peace, smoothly, and good luck, is suitable for the elder as a gift for home or travel. Sapphire belongs to high-grade gem, is one of the five big stones, after the diamonds and rubies, ranks third. Sapphire is September and fall are the stone, its sister with ruby gems. Each gem has its unique symbolic, people are wearing or gift is, remember to according to the symbolic meaning of jewelry to your relatives and friends to express their feelings and love.

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