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Silver silver city is the most professional maintenance

by:Kirin      2020-09-06

for all kinds of silver ornaments wholesale and how to better maintain? For this problem we need to understand from different angles, also need to know from the aspects of positive mau embellish silver city to our list of some of the most professional maintenance method: first: intense exercise or work in the special time should try to avoid wearing silver, otherwise easy to cause accessories deformation, fracture and lost, this place is especially need to pay attention to, many people pay attention to the appearance of silver, if something goes wrong here will affect to the beauty of silver ornament. Second: it is strictly prohibited to pulling on the silver, silver is soft, easy to wear and tear, should avoid the ornaments together, otherwise it will scrape by accessories and scratches affect beautiful ornaments, must according to the high-grade gem way to cherish and maintain, therefore, mau embellish silver ornaments wholesale manufacturers recommend do not force the pull of silver, lest appear all sorts of different problems. Third: when you don't wear silver, to maintain a clean after three silver birds special seal bag avoid contact with air oxidation. Fourth: Mosaic, leather cord products when wearing, should avoid contact with hot or cold water, otherwise, tessera will fall off because of the cold colour and lustre is dim; Stiff leather cord will be aging, surface loss. Fifth: women after use skin care products and sanitary cleaning supplies, must be in a completely absorbed or dry rear can put on silver. Otherwise it will react with silver to produce chemical lead to surface black, yellow, and even surface spalling. Sixth: 990 sterling silver jewelry silver available professional washing water and rub silver cloth to do the cleaning and maintenance, if silver black case, can wipe with toothpaste, this method is particularly useful, a white wash. Seven: should be avoided and the silver hair gel, perfume, cosmetics, soap, or contact with corrosive substances, otherwise it will lead to the silver oxidation reaction, will bring the influence of different silver ornament.

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