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Silver ornament what are the advantages and disadvantages

by:Kirin      2020-03-16
In our life everywhere have silver ornament, but how many people know silver ornament what are the advantages and disadvantages? A, silver advantages: 1. Valuable jewelry silver jewelry has overcome other high price and man-made craft jewelry the two disadvantages of low value, will be good and inexpensive, elegant style, seiko spy, taste and elegant, can truly meet the fashion and needs of consumers, become a new fashion trend. 2. Silver jewelry design are very rich, price moderate, can also follow the fashion trends, facilitate and dress collocation. 3. The silver ions in silver on the human body has certain health care function, can have the effect of sterilization and recover the wound. Second, the silver faults: 1. The purity of silver the work on behalf of the soft, easy to cause some scratches. 2. Silver easy to react with sulfur in the air, sweat. Generate the black material, make the silver ornament lost original luster. 3. Based on the above two points, need to spend more time to maintain silver ornament. I believe that a lot of people like silver is because silver is not perfect. But silver nobility, elegance is the power of we can't give up. Like all the fashionable things like silver.
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