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Silver ornament maintenance you haven't to know

by:Kirin      2020-08-20

the only silver are all used in the manufacture of jewelry metal will oxidation ( Commonly known as silver rust) , but because of the silver reflective rate is higher than any other metal, the colour of all the metal is bright, so everyone's backpack. As a result of surface oxide yellow or red or black oxide, color owing to the different degree of oxidation. Incorrect use of silver can lead to oxidation accelerated dramatically, so before decided to buy silver, it is necessary to understand the correct way to wear it. 1. Take a shower, sleeping, it is best not to wear. 2. When you don't wear to avoid exposure to air flow, should be put into the casket or sealing bag. 3. 4 don't bring the swimming, especially the sea. Sweat much more special people are not suitable for wearing a silver silver oxide after processing method: 1. Rub silver cloth: use clean cloth to wipe the surface of silver, if serious oxidation to hard to erase, then wash off with detergent on the surface of the black oxide, dry with paper towel. 2. Silver wash water: the silver surface by silver wash water corrosion, so only in the case of silver oxide is very serious, and don't repeat use many times. Dip silver silver wash water for 5 seconds, and then use detergent to clean the surface, don't let the water wash silver residue on the surface, dry with paper towel. The service life of silver: wear a silver, you can use - 3 months - About half a year.

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