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Silver ornament industry rapid development to attract investors to join us

by:Kirin      2020-09-27

with the rapid development of the silver industry, some investors have also turned its eyes on the silver to join, that ubiquitous silver shop rangaimei consumers have more choices. However for the joining of different silver brand franchisees, but several glad several sorrow, joy, some watched soaring sales while some crowds every day. Indeed, no matter what industry to join, to different people, different mode of operation will have different business results. One silver franchisees to guide the market, said miss Lin, head of the main reason for the silver shop business is bad also to find problems from the source, for example, the silver shop's location, choice of goods has a problem, silver style and consumers of the local conflict, the cause of the staff management does not reach the designated position, and a series of influence. Accurate brand positioning silver brand style and the location is in full accord, the silver brand because each has its own orientation, and the location at the time of site selection is a very important basis, that is to say, where is the join silver shop, will have to fit with the place of the brand positioning, whether the consumers here is consistent with the brand silver. Many franchisees mistook the high rent is a good address, actually otherwise, really good store address, must be combined with consumer spending habits, consumption ability and the compatibility degree to assess the brand. Especially for some second - and third-tier silver brand, more attention should be paid to the location. Although abortion is money, but for is inconsistent with neighborhood where, silver shop's survival pressure is very big. Open a shop here unless you can guarantee a one-way ticket. Goods appropriate choice silver shop business failure reason and product selection problems, some just to obtain silver shop franchisees in choosing a goods are very easy to fall into his trap, too self-centered, think good-looking style of into the back, however, individual be fond of and can't represent all the wish of the buyer. There is also a situation is, choose too much on market and ubiquitous similar style silver, virtually drove himself to the brink of a featureless. The stand or fall of product selection, tend to affect consumer impression of their silver shop, if your silver distinctive style, in the next time we need to buy, she will naturally think of your silver shop. Like this kind of situation, miss Lin, said silver brand usually have their own independent characteristics, when opened, franchisees do not prevent more brands advice, they will according to the silver store consumption habits of local distribution, the joining trader after a period of operation, gradually learn more about consumer spending habits, when the next pick himself get a sense of direction, avoid by all means is imposed on consumers in their own hobbies. Ability to guide the salesman decided to silver shop business good or bad has a very important factor, that is silver store shoppers. Shoppers are silver directly with customers, the seller or not directly related to the silver store performance. Many silver franchisees believed the salesman to recruit, so long as young and beautiful, beautiful although can make people feast for the eyes, but the actual ability to ensure that the silver shop performance, just think, find a vase in the store and what's the point. Article ten million the successful road, and the failure is only a little detail. Business silver shop, every little detail is related to the silver store's survival, so the joining trader even choose to have the strength of the silver brand also cannot treat STH lightly.

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