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Silver ornament can use testing to protect skin to taste of heavy metals

by:Kirin      2020-03-17
Silver ornament can use testing to protect skin to taste heavy metal quantity, listen to some incredible this words? Under that we let see! Women born for beauty, for beauty, the sentence didn't say the wrong, now no matter how expensive cosmetics more people buy, this is in order not to let oneself have a little bit of facial defects, as long as the appropriate oneself skin care line, much less money doesn't matter. But a lot of whitening, spot products have the problem of excess levels of heavy metals such as lead, mercury, do not take care to buy these products not only have the effect of skin care to hurt his own skin. From a scientific point of view, the normal whitening, spot product composition is mainly arbutin and vitamin C, etc. , can be slowly and gradually improve skin quality, lead and mercury compounds have rapidly efficient spot whitening effect in the short term, if long-term use, may cause chronic poisoning disease. Therefore, when choosing whitening, spot to protect skin to taste, the key to identify whether lead mercury levels. The personage inside course of study points out that buy whitening, spot product, can be used carrying silver rings, silver necklace, silver ornaments, have chosen to buy protect skin to taste with silver ornaments dip in proper amount on the silver ornament stay a few minutes, and then a few strokes on white paper, if black gray scratch marks, suggests that the mercury may contain lead. So you can try to identify to protect skin to taste in the lead, mercury, convenient for consumers to correct selection of skin care products do not contain lead, mercury.
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