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Silver ornament broke while sleeping?

by:Kirin      2020-09-16

& , & , & , & , & , & , & , & , & , & , & , & , Silver wholesale network said: the silver ornament a lot of people wonder how can this thing how to maintain a better understanding of silver ornament this problem, and few people understand the silver ornament broke exactly how to do this problem, because silver ornaments are usually is soft, often wearing silver ornaments will encounter in the process of silver ornaments worn not carefully lead to break the wind tore off or foreign object for this problem we need to know from the following several aspects to silver ornaments for the several problems that need to understand a point: due to the nature of the silver is better than other precious metals is stable, so in daily life a lot of material can let he overshadowed or damage, so we must spend a little attention during daily wear, take good care of our silver ornaments. Such as during sleep is best not to wear silver ornaments, prevent fold bad sleeping posture cause silver ornaments; All kinds of bath liquid, cleanser, toner will accelerate the oxidation of silver ornament, so try to avoid contact, in addition to wear at ordinary times when don't pull or bend, beware of accidentally caused by accidental damage. If accidentally broken can get special silver ornaments to repair. But for silver ornaments black processing method we set out from the following questions: material: salt, hot water, aluminum foil steps: first will foil cut into square, and then the silver jewelry in aluminum foil paper, add a spoonful of salt, fold wrapped up in a dish, add hot water. So take out after 10 minutes, such as silver jewelry will become white and bright. This kind of method called reduction, silver jewelry become silver oxide after oxidation, sprinkle in salt electrolyte, use aluminum foil paper to soak in the hot water, hot water will accelerate reaction, make the reduction of silver oxide, aluminum foil are impure oxide, natural silver jewelry will become brilliant, after using electrolytic reduction, give your jewelry a layer of skin honey. Can prevent oxidation. But remember, don't boiling have gem items such as jewelry. In addition, you can take the lipstick without coating on the cloth, and then polished it, the shower is best not to wear well. & , & , & , & ,

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