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Silver maintenance

by:Kirin      2020-09-20

925 silver jewelry has always been the women can't resist the temptation to wear 925 silver not only make women looks more elegant and unique beauty to women, has been 925 silver jewelry or collector's true love. 925 silver jewelry to wear, however, after a period of time, will because lose their original luster, dust feeling, give a person a kind of jewelry, 925 sterling silver jewelry, if not timely cleaning, will not only damage the aesthetic feeling of 925 sterling silver jewelry jewelry, will also reduce the hedging effect of 925 silver, 925 silver bracelet maintenance tips:

1, don't collide with hard objects. Because once hit 925 silver bracelet is easy to appear dark crack, although may look not to come out, but 925 silver bracelet lining structure has been destroyed, such bracelet both in its value and its aesthetic affected.

2. Avoid contact with dust. If there is some dirt on the bracelet, you need to prepare a soft brush and a clean cotton cloth to wipe, oil pollution such as bracelets, can brush with warm soapy water and then rinse off with clear water, the last with a clean cloth to wipe clean can.

3, 925 silver bracelets, avoid high temperature, so usually it is best not to long time exposure under the high temperature of hot, as close to the heat source and don't close, because 925 silver bracelet if you have high temperature, then its molecular easy to expand, the volume also increases when the jade of it will produce very big effect.

4, poor contact with strong acid alkali and chemical reagents such as perfume. Because of these chemical reagent containing ingredients and 925 silver bracelet after contact, there will be corrosion for the 925 silver bracelet of the aesthetic value and influence is very big.

5, 925 silver bracelet don't contact with body sweat for a long period of time. Because the sweat of ingredients will corrosion 925 silver bracelet, long wear 925 silver bracelet, accumulate over a long period, its outer it to damage, at the same time for the 925 silver beautiful influence is very big.

how to clean 925 silver ring:

1, in a small bowl, the pouring temperature of water in the bowl, and then again to soak in 925 sterling silver ring into the bowl.

2, in a small bowl, add the right amount of neutral detergent, will soak in 925 sterling silver ring into the bowl. After about 30 minutes.

3, remove 925 sterling silver ring, with a soft brush gently scrub 925 sterling silver ring.

4, 925 silver rings to wash, in a small stream of water in the water must be small, do not stimulating.

5, will clean the 925 silver rings on a soft clean cloth, with a cotton cloth gently wipe the 925 sterling silver ring. Pay attention to the technique must be soft, don't go out of the 925 sterling silver jewelry ring surface scratches. We can also use silk to wipe the 925 silver rings, because satin polished 925 silver ring, can not only play a role of clean, also can be cut to protect 925 sterling silver ring.

6, finally to check the 925 silver ring is still in good condition, especially to check if there is loose phenomenon detail place. Once found a loose phenomenon, the only jewelry custom it is recommended that you immediately send 925 silver ring to jewelry store to repair, lest ring plane drops, cause needless loss.

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