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Silver luster is how come

by:Kirin      2020-09-16
No cold, no glare, downy, low-key, is the greatest feeling, silver ornaments for us and the feeling of the most direct source is silver and not arrogant fascinating gloss. He who loves silver will continue to ask, why will have this kind of luster, the silver and the silver luster is how? Today, let's together to your answer. As is known to all, our raw material & ndash; — Silver, although color is silvery white, but the surface is rough, matt. So the luster of what? First of all, have to mention is we processed silver ornaments, must after polishing the grinding process to hit the surface of the silver ornament, let it shine. Because silver ornaments belongs to high-grade expensive metal jewelry, craft exquisite, to ensure the polishing in place, general silver ornament grinding is done by hand, only a few rough cheap, decent silver ornament, will only be done by roller polishing machine polishing. Mill at the silver ornament, you need to use the fine cotton cloth wheel on professional machines, slowly grinding silver ornament each surface and thin seam, angles, manual grinding played advantage is bright and uniform, fine and no dead Angle. The so-called & other; Plum blossom incense from Fairbanks, bao jianfeng from sharpen up & throughout; After grinding dozen of silver ornaments conversion, radiant, and we usually wearing silver ornaments there is no much difference. But due to the nature of easy oxidation of silver color, black, color change quickly, if so we wear loss of brightness. So, next we pass plating process to keep the brightness of the durable and wearable. Electroplating process can prevent the oxidation of the silver ornament, both to increase the brightness of the silver ornament looks more shiny, after dealing with the two process of silver ornament really can shine, shine and good. Finally, the silver light besides need polishing and grinding the process, the most important thing is that people need to wear the care. Daily maintenance is as the wearer and his beloved a running-in between silver, over time, each piece of silver & other Small temper & throughout; Will slowly from being discovered by the master, only by constantly adjust, change, both sides can become part of each other's life.
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