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Silver industry analysis

by:Kirin      2020-08-15

since ancient times, gold and silver is the symbol of wealth in China, the silver is more evil poison effect, gold and silver in ancient times not only as a currency, and the upper social dignitaries daily dining utensils, can wear jewelry and all items which is the symbol of power and wealth are the material of gold and silver. In the 21st century, China has been close to the developed countries of the world, people's consumption idea and pursuit of beauty also with the standard of living rise more change. This is an era of individual character make public, people dressed in everywhere to reflect their different personality and taste, by changing the dress up every day, and show their different mood, daily wear precious jewelry to show off wealth and status is no longer the demand of modern, and is considered a tacky, more precious jewelry to express the meaning of collection and memory. Scarcity value, along with rising raw material prices, gold diamond prices high, and the monotony of style, also can not satisfy people of personality and the need for rapid changes in fashion. Just then, the modern fashion silver should be born, became a great supplement to jewelry industry. Modern fashion silver has relatively low production costs in raw materials, the material texture, with neutral well on design pay more attention to leisure personality, bold exaggeration, to more on the design is more suitable for daily wear dress up oneself, large and medium-sized cities of fashionistas gens every season to buy several sets of fashionable silver, used with a variety of clothing textiles and express different mood, silver finally break tradition, have the meaning of existence. Along with the development of the silver industry, many foreign high-end brands to enter the Chinese domestic market, the silver like TIFFNAY, FOLLIFOLLIE, Oxette etc. , is the silver consumption and China's low-end consumer from the beginning to the high-end, high taste of silver ornaments in transition, the consumer's eye and more fashion, taste and high-income consumers to pursue high quality life demand greatly stimulated the development of high-end silver ornaments, the silver is acted the role of consumption is becoming more and more close to the international fashion trend. Some imitation gold jewellery design, and not silver, with gold price advantage substitute consumption of the silver market space is becoming more and more small, low-end gradually did not have the living space, this poses a challenge to domestic silver industry, also emerge out of the silver is acted the role of a group of outstanding domestic high-end brand, for example by industry media selected 10 silver brand, there are many domestic brand among the silver. High-end silver ornament is no longer is the symbol of cheap goods, a lot of high-grade silver ornaments are more than the price of the yellow and the price of gold jewellery. With domestic famous brand of AODELY Audrey silver, for example, the mainstream of Audrey silver price is 200 yuan to 1000 yuan to 1000 yuan or more subsidiary, through large and medium-sized cities in domestic high-end department stores set up brand shop sales, revenue month turnover reached an average of one hundred thousand yuan of above, attract a lot of silver enthusiasts, be rated as one of the top ten silver brand industry media. Silver industry there is a big profit space, a high-grade silver store profits in tens of thousands of yuan of above, and the investment is in one hundred thousand yuan only, it attracted many investors had vision through the silver brand agent to open a premium brand and silver monopoly and thus more greatly promoted the development of the silver industry. Consumption idea and economy is closely linked, the domestic various regions economic development is not balanced, thus gold, diamond, silver is the proportion of consumption in each area is different also, jewelry industry development cannot leave the development of economy. Nowadays, jewelry differentiation to Chinese consumer have more choice, gold, diamond, silver also each excellences, the industry shows a scene of prosperity. ZhuBao field in recent years, due to rising gold prices, white k gold and platinum as they no longer then the respected. Instead, silver, it is affordable, plain and elegant appearance, and silver retail industry entry threshold is relatively low, so easy & other; Hot & throughout; 。 China is now in addition to the traditional habits, give children wear ChangMingSuo things of start and know the real modern silver or in phase, development of just a few years time, major is given priority to with practical silver, like handmade art made of Antonio silver is still very few people involved. Now most of the domestic cities & other; Popular throughout the &; Silver is acted the role of, mainly the following categories: silver inlay color zircon, glass, crystal; Antique silver oxide effects ( Thai silver) ; Also some people consumption by hand feeling of silver ( Oxidation or silver color) 。 The Chinese market, regardless of north and south are emphasized & other; Delicate & throughout; And & other Delicate & throughout; , most people prefer the cabinet and some silver. And abroad, in addition to the traditional classic thing there is a big market, they will accept more big, round, full, three-dimensional. And in the world, the establishment of SMI group, its purpose is to promote the development of silver, they believe that the silver spring has come.

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