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Silver factory downturn in the traditional manufacturing environment through road

by:Kirin      2020-03-15
Manufacturing environment over the past two years, we all in exclamation manufacturing difficult do, but in my opinion, manufacturing is there has been a difficult, and the current environment, it is traditional manufacturing rapid breakthrough, is a high-grade for 25 years of silver factory, has been the international brand in the world do silver generation process, why can in this environment to stand out? Write this topic, also is because see a post on zhihu, post the following then there is a net friend answer is this: the netizens said very direct, bankruptcy, but he also spoke a center of gravity, product, yes, this is the center of gravity, but how can I go to make their product, let your company competitive, this is what we want to discuss topics, we speak before the product quality is the lifeline, from this sentence can see the importance of product quality, that it is in our factory production, quality control put forward higher requirements. Is the internal request and how to make companies more competitive, do processing silver, silver ornament factory is a processing fee charged by, plainly wholesalers will calculate by artificial cost the same, and for our business, we need to improve is not only the hard power, soft power, soft power is our brand, yes, do the generation process can also be like a brand to build, foxconn is a good example, foxconn is do electronic generation processing brand! Brand model about enterprise each of us, from the beginning of customer service, sales, orders and production, quality control, delivery and after-sale, are a part of brand, only in silver generation processing into a brand in this category, we can win the trust of quality customer! Is such a company, since its inception, has its own mission, is to become silver generation processing this category of well-known brands! Today introduced first contract can do the brand of this concept, the late about specific operation details again! The processing with silver, silver custom demand, access to the website, the company wholeheartedly for your service.
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