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Silver city - - - All kinds of silver collocation technique

by:Kirin      2020-08-22

mau embellish the silver city is a professional silver factory, for all kinds of the collocation of silver they have professional skills, also has professional experience in silver is acted the role of design research and development, so he run for has a deep understanding of the silver, silver city for how to better understand the silver silver wholesale can let collocation appear more upscale, more have a taste? In fact as long as we are in different angles to understand silver collocation skills to better, more know where silver personality, therefore, mau embellish silver city told us some questions about silver wholesale, let us know the collocation of silver comprehensive skills: first: unique design, suitable for casual wear supplement exaggerated modelling sterling silver ring; Business attire for supplement design modelling concise, fine sterling silver necklace; Type cute dress up wearing a small silver bracelet fitting bells. Second: if you view more traditional, flower pattern and the cross bracelet must be perfect; If you are too general silver bracelet is too simple, leaf veins bracelet can make the feeling of the whole bracelet is special. Third: gems of silver ornaments should be paid attention to in the match, silver inlaid turquoise should match the black dress, so the wearer more prominent noble; Silver with red coral jewelry should match the white dress, this foil gadites purity; For young girls to wear the silver colored stones, mature women can choose pure color stones silver ornament.

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