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Silver can check poison?

by:Kirin      2020-09-26

silver needle try poison, costume piece has seen this scene, many people have tried poison a little knowledge of silver. In private, silver can check poison is also widely circulated. The silver can check poison? First mau embellish silver city and everyone together to meet the silver: silver, white and lustrous precious metals. The density of 10. 5. Main valence + 1. Rich ductility, stable chemical properties. Doesn't work on atmospheric oxygen and water, but in hydrogen sulfide and sulfur. Ancient poison mainly arsenic that arsenic trioxide. Due to the backward production technology, the arsenic in the mixed with a small amount of sulfur and sulfide. Sulfur and silver contact, produce chemical reaction, make the surface of the silver needle to generate a layer of black & other; Silver sulfide & throughout; 。 Production technology in the modern, arsenic is greatly improved, refining pure, no longer mixed with sulfur and sulfide. Silver chemical properties stable, won't react in sulfur-free arsenic. So, the ancient silver try poison, silver needle poison on today is not available. According to the chemical properties of silver, and some items do not contain poison, but sulfur, such as egg yolk, needles are inserted in. On the contrary, some contain poisonous items, but does not contain sulfur ( For example a toadstool, nitrite, pesticides, rat poison, cyanide, etc. ) Silver needle, together with their contact, but not become black. Therefore, silver needle cannot identify poison, more cannot be used as an instrument of test poison. Silver can form a positively charged ions in water, can absorb the water of bacteria, and gradually enter the bacteria in the body, make it the catalyst & ndash; Enzymes system is closed, the deactivation, lose bacterial metabolism and death. Silver cannot check poison, but can disinfect. Per litre in just one part contains 50 million mg of silver ions, and can kill most of the bacteria in water. So, silver bowl, chopsticks used in daily life is still of great benefit. Silver can only check out part contains sulfur poisons, organic toxicants check out. If have a picnic, taomee when wash dish to put those what silver jewellery, chopsticks, ring and so on after wash on the inside a stir inside a lot of can kill microorganisms and so on.

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