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Silver bracelet how should choose

by:Kirin      2020-03-17
Now a lot of people like silver bracelet, like the classic beauty, but now the silver bracelet styles, brands are more, so silver bracelet how to choose, is what matters need attention, just as jewelry below small make up together and see it. 1, choose time is to consider the hollow or solid now because of the silver bracelet is solid, commonly hollow rarely, when choice can choose according to own hobby, like the atmosphere there is don't want to load the friend can pick a hollow silver bracelet to give it a try. 2, choose their favorite style silver bracelet both design and modelling are many, now is the most common, but the body is flat, flat and circular arc surface, concave, plane and polygon, the circular arc is the most traditional, the radian of different visual effects are also different to the person, have radian silver bracelet than flat look old some will be more soft, flat, concave are fashionable, round body, the general is more delicate, wear on your wrist, can appear more delicate, is very good-looking, everybody in silver bracelet of choose and buy when, can choose according to own hobby. 3, price is also very important, we all know the price of silver bracelet is generally determined by weight, design and process, the more simple the price relative to the cheaper, craft fine silver bracelet price will be higher, the same design without the weight of silver bracelet price is also different, so friends in choosing, can measure in many aspects. 4, choose satisfactory silver bracelet interfaces of silver bracelet now tend to have open, closed, pushing three, open interface form is more, there are flat, round head, garlic, onion, etc. , the benefits of this kind of interface bracelet is size can adjust, silent wear up will be in the form of classical, push the ring belong to the old, round and flat body can be bound, size had better choose according to the silent, otherwise it is easy to deformation, a child to wear this style bracelet, because can convenient adjustment easy. 。 Silver bracelet is a lot of people in daily life often wear jewelry, everybody should careful when choosing, the above is the summary for everybody to choose the silver bracelet skill, the friends can have a good understanding, hope to be able to bring you some help, so prepare silver bracelet of choose and buy friends go to choose, believe that will be able to choose the satisfactory silver bracelet.
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