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Shandong province jewelry sales staff must have qualification certificates to mount guard

by:Kirin      2020-09-04

in the future, I want to be a gold jewellery salesman is not so simple, as a special commodity, gold jewelry professionals to master relevant skills, to obtain the practicing certificate to mount guard. On July 5, the reporter learned that shandong jining gold jewelry inspection center will be concentrated to the practitioners engaged in jewelry sales training, to standardize the industry management behavior. “ Gold jewelry as a special commodity, the employees should master the relevant skills, and according to the jewelry shop assistant national professional standard 'requirement, business units in a planned way to pre-job training and on-the-job training of operating personnel, good command of professional knowledge of jewelry and obtain the labor department to mount guard qualification certificate, and ChiZhengLv not less than 60%. ” Jining city gold jewelry inspection by quality supervision, inspection, director of the center for XiaoYueMin is introduced, in order to improve the quality of the jewelry professionals, protect consumers' rights and interests, vocational skills training center and the jining city of jining gold jewelry quality supervision and inspection center joint mandate, supervise jining jewelry sales staff with professional card mount guard, to regulate business management behavior. Nearly two years, gold jewelry brand growing, some operators are not only retreat, logo is not standard, etc; Jewelry shop assistant in the sales process, because of the lack of professional knowledge service problems, also affect the development of the industry. According to the new version of the shandong local standard 'jewelry jade precious metal jewelry business service specification', not only about the quality of the jewelry, packaging, labeling, signs, ruling also requires businesses must have a clear replacement, maintenance services, etc. , and more than 60% of the sales staff must have a clear regulations issued by the national labor department professional qualification certificate to mount guard.

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