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Several simple methods make silver more bright

by:Kirin      2020-08-20

925 silver wholesale factory is a professional platform for the silver wholesale, always wear black, for all kinds of silver for silver black exactly how to solve? According to a lot of people don't know how to solve this problem, also don't know how to better understand let silver light, 925 sterling silver jewelry wholesale manufacturers therefore give us some methods about what time make silver, let us better when wearing silver catch some maintenance methods of silver: first: use rub silver cloth wipe the sterling silver jewelry. The second: use correction fluid on the sterling silver jewelry, in front of the white no dry cloth wipe the sterling silver jewelry. Third: using acetic acid scrubbing sterling silver jewelry. Fourth: using coke soaking, immersion silver jewelry for 12 hours. Fifth: the wash water cleaning the sterling silver jewelry, silver but need to pay attention to the time not too long. About seven seconds. Sixth: use toothpaste and toothbrush to wash the sterling silver jewelry. Seventh: the sterling silver jewelry after a night of tea. Eighth: use a lighter blackened silver jewelry ( Can only be used for (silver) ( Plated with gold and silver inlaid ornaments can't use. Temperature not too high, ban use matches, because matches containing sulfur, can make the silver silver sulfide) And then polish the sterling silver jewelry with rub silver cloth. The method that particularly bright sterling silver jewelry.

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