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by:Kirin      2020-03-27
S925 silver how much money a gram: silver processing, is need cost, but the general cost is not high, because the price of silver ornament is not high also. S925 silver price is 6 - 8 yuan/grams ( Data for reference) 。 Investment in silver or a wise choice, silver prices stable, usually it isn't the price of ups and downs, and as a result of the gold prices plummet, silver prices rose. In recent years, the demand of silver all rise, so the silver is a relatively stable investment. S925 silver price: 925 silver jewelry, special style, the craft is exquisite, colour and lustre is comparable to platinum. S925 silver, but also add the 7. 5% copper, 925 silver made accessories, hardness is better than fine silver. In the popular act the role ofing is tasted, S925 prices are moderate, can get the favour of many of the buyers. S925 silver are the prices for the standard of the day, the price of silver and gold, are uncertain. S benefits: silver, is a kind of precious metals, a metal silver white. Silver ions can be of certain bacteria, viruses, algae, fungi, viruses have the effect of resistance; Silver, stable property, low activity. Wearing silver ornaments, have sterilization effect to human body. In previous silver needle, it is used to measure food toxicity, silver needle turning black, the difference between food is poisonous, wearing a silver for a long time, can prevent bacterial growth, at the same time, can quickly lower the temperature in the heating vessels, has a calming effect. S925 silver, will become earring, bracelet, neck, a popular trend, the general public favorite first act the role ofing is tasted.
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