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Ring how collocation is good-looking

by:Kirin      2020-03-29
Don't look at the ring this small decorations, in fact, if collocation of fine will shine, just say to suit the watches, ring charm may build up principle is: with gold, elegant with elegance, fashionable fashion. How collocation is beautiful if you wear a ring is colored gemstones, that is about to pay attention to and bracelets, watches, long sleeve shirt cuff color supplement to reconcile. If you want to overlap with the ring, that is about to pay attention to the style of ring, the material is basically consistent, the straight line with a straight line, curve with curve, the color of the two ring and thickness should be about. If two ring is worn on a finger, will be simple style with simple style, such as: V ring with ring with single grain stones; Rough ring with ornate style of the ring. To two fingers to wear respectively, with middle finger and index finger, middle finger and ring finger, ring finger must not overlap index and ring fingers, because in the interval of the middle finger, can appear not harmonious.
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