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by:Kirin      2020-08-30

do you wear sterling silver jewelry? How much do you know about sterling silver jewelry? For sterling silver jewelry do you know how to comprehensive understanding about some points of sterling silver jewelry? For the question of how we can truly make silver jewelry as a benchmark of our fashion? Refraction area of ordinary flash jewelry is based on the data of intrusive and modelling to design, refraction surface design whether reasonable, will directly affect the artistic jewelry appreciate the results. , for example, the refraction of flash flower ring surface is too big, too much will shape is proportional to the fall, theme doesn't apply is shiny, resulting in jewelry flat vulgar, is vulgar. Other, can the refraction surface brightness is good, is also the flash jewelry is a major aspect of quality. If the brightness difference, even dark acerbity, refraction results will weaken, would reduce the using life. Will flash jewelry, known as flash jewelry, it has compared the fierce refraction results. Someone asked how this result processing? Kind of refraction is by mechanical cutting tools ( Cutting head is studded with diamonds) After high speed cutting, make jewelry form a bright as a mirror of refractor. Type at present, the market supply of flash jewelry are: flash line ring, flash water wave necklace, pendant, flash flower ring and earrings, etc. For some characteristics of the sterling silver jewelry you should know a little bit, as long as you observe believe that these problems can get silver jewelry better play to the role of the he, I better get some recognition of fashion. The silver is so strange, grasp the limit might best beautiful.

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