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Play mobile phone application of 925 silver

by:Kirin      2020-09-11

925 silver jewelry boutique in combination with the network marketing has not new, almost no more through a specific web page or APP, interactive, make diamond, 925 sterling silver jewelry jewelry is not only a good friend of the woman, is also for the other half peach choose love man 925 silver jewelry is a good helper. Such as De Beers new Bridal tablet and iPhone App application, to help find, choose dating series of engagement, wedding or anniversary ring, even for the wedding wear 925 sterling silver jewelry jewelry, the selected style can share via email or social media. Another brand Tiffany ring dream also have online choose ring, and theme website and iPhone applications, web site there are romantic art, Tiffany and love are everywhere, in the eyes of New York; Respectively provide couples with romantic tips or get along with art, recommend song or movie listing, introduce New York charming amorous feelings, also can through facebook and other social networks to share romantic experience with rendezvous in addition to the real-time consultation and help select a wedding ring, 925 silver jewelry, there are more and more brand through online interaction, upgrade a little love, share life any good moments. Already On Fire new Perfect Moment Perfect time website ( www。 heartsonfire。 com/perfectmoments) And App, it is encouraged to share positive and happy moments. Clock in, through the website can share any important or moved moment, leave a mark, such as saw the great classic, a wedding or a great concert, etc; In addition, you can also use keywords or near the site search activity or location, such as marriage or honeymoon resorts, rendezvous or friends for dinner, etc. , web page will display a years long axis, can be forward or back at any time. Montblanc ( Montblanc) Launched late last year The Montblanc Worldsecond phone photography activities, through an exclusive App, invited The world people to capture The beauty of The moving instantaneous asked. People upload to participate in a total of 90 countries, said the results, by Spain's Alberto G. To salute to Picasso, 毕加索致敬) Winning the prize.

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