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by:Kirin      2020-09-13

jewelry is a woman's best friend, and women have thus become the slaves of jewelry. Marilyn & middot; Monroe once described women's relationship with jewelry. Shakespeare once said: jewelry silent, but more than any language to impress the women. Relationship and jewelry

women are always so interesting, even sometimes like knows like. Even if the heroine of the 'Titanic' does not love her fiance, but when she saw the heart of the ocean will still heartache. Jewelry is to women like wine is to a man, just have a crush, has nothing to do with the other. The instinct which is suitable for all women, regardless of national boundaries. Jewelry consumption is always in the Chinese luxury market share a big cake, and leather bags, perfumes, be a woman's life pursuit. But as the luxury of younger, on various occasions bump into the chances of a particular seems to be more and more big, how to keep the personality in the tide of this round? Jewelry custom seems to be a comparison of the way. More than the finished jewelry, custom jewelry test of the custom culture and aesthetic temperament and interest, but also reveals the custom unique life advocates. In addition, the custom jewelry always preserved inside collect and low-key nobility, this also is many women desire. In Europe and the United States, private custom jewelry is very rich. Not only because of its characteristic, but also because it is a kind of manage a symbol of wealth. Just to customize jewelry with natural gem perhaps difficulty is quite high. High quality natural stone is very rare, it is necessary to cooperate with masterly craft Mosaic, if you want to customize, style is very limited, the difficulty is higher, the price is more, of course can make investment value. However, jewelry is always accessories, in addition to the investment value, aesthetics and practical also is very important. Synthetic gems to customize jewelry with more flexibility, and in spite of the investment value than natural gem collection, but it can be both the same ornamental value and craft value; In addition, the design of more also can match more clothing, dressing and easier.
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