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Personality silver ornaments have a good market in the young consumers

by:Kirin      2020-08-15

ring, necklace, pendant, brooch, earrings, bracelets, anklets, ChangMingSuo & hellip; … As a civilian act the role ofing is tasted, in recent years, the inheritance of the old Oriental culture silver ornaments are popular more and more people, especially with both technology and creative personality silver ornament, have a good market in the young consumers. For entrepreneurs, silver ornaments store is a good choice. Have a good prospect according to the international silver institute recently released the results of a survey, according to a 2011 silver jewelry bring the biggest profit for jewelry retailers, accounting for 37% of the jewelry retail sales and retail sales with 27%, 27% of the retailers to increase more than 25%; 93% of retailers said very bullish on the future development prospect of silver jewelry. The personage inside course of study points out that modern silver ornament has gradually away from the traditional concept of jewelry, not limited to, silver bracelets, silver, silver lock & other; Throughout history &; Style, style more diverse fashion: some novel and exaggeration, selling point aiming at students family; Sometimes taking the neutral line, like Tibetan act the role ofing and elegant; Some delicate like shiny platinum, for white-collar taste. Thus, aware of the business opportunities, some entrepreneurs opened silver ornaments store. Recently, through a subway station in business a silver ornament store down the street, although the area is not large, only 15 square metre, but the owner had brains, obviously will be made the best use of limited stores: shop is equipped with a diamond glass counter, along the wall to set up three rectangular glass counter, which dominated by silver ring, bracelet, pendant, etc. At the same time, the wall hanging display board are embedded, hang has the silver ornaments such as necklaces, earrings, earrings. In addition, the store has a dado, put silver ornaments. As a result, the shop is small, but as far as possible put multiple types of silver ornaments do it to make the customer feel full of beautiful things in eyes look. After a big shopping in the city square, have seen a silver ornaments shop, pay attention to different shops, the use of space and metro stations this shop wins in the site had vision & ndash; — — Located within a shopping plaza, a big supermarket on the first floor of the lift at the exit, the shopkeeper such practices, is obviously considered this is supermarket consumer only, can seize the random consumers. And on sort of business, the shop in addition to the silver ornaments such as rings, necklaces, earrings, and sales of high-end price jade bracelet, etc. , so as to attract more customers.

experts point out that, along with the increasingly fierce market competition, investment silver ornaments store success or failure, the details is important. First, make sure to open online silver sales or entity shop, must according to the real investigation of investors for the local market to make investment plan, sure can withstand the investment. Second, sales of brand and product choice, this is the most important aspect of a silver shop. Online and entity silver shop can choose group brand goods sales or directly to a single brand this in two ways. Group brand goods sales for online shop and some medium and low-end entity shop, this shop for brand image and design product series, the style and characteristics of request is not high, pay more attention to price competition, through all kinds of wholesalers or fair replenish onr's stock, as long as the price is reasonable, can win the favor of the low-end consumer. And direct sales or to a single brand of silver shop, all products provided directly by the brands, the image is bright, the style is unified, is suitable for the high-end customer base. Of course, what kind of products are suitable for what kind of brand, where sales, investors need to advance in-depth market research, with the basis of a detailed to determine their own choice. In addition, the silver shop's location is very important. Shop no location problem, completes the online promotion. As to the entity shop, if the pre-determined brand and product, then the location will be in accordance with the brand and the grade of the product, price, design style to determine suitable for stores, and home to consider whether there is suitable for the brand and the location of the product sales and customer base. High-end brand products, high prices, for example, style fashion, the avant-garde silver ornaments should be large and medium-sized shops in shopping center. And moderate price, popular style silver shop can open in the general stores, commercial pedestrian street, catering to mass consumption. What need reminds is, other style is not equal to their own shop sells shop must be good to sell, sell some brand others' success is not equal to oneself also can be successful, therefore, silver shop to summarize unceasingly in the day-to-day operations, adjust and improve the product structure. And, because silver ornament spending power strong young people tend to be picky, lack of personality silver shop will be difficult to have a living space, this determines the investors want to have a certain market and aesthetic vision, and as far as possible do parity management, real benefit to the customer, only to win trust, business can do better more.

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