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Online shopping, 925 silver ornaments need to know two questions

by:Kirin      2020-08-18

925 sterling silver jewelry ornaments wholesale manufacturers, according to online purchase silver how do we know about the authenticity of the goods on the network? Everyone wants to buy genuine products, also want to better understand the silver identification method, but there are so many people be cheated, 925 silver wholesale manufacturers therefore give us about 2 point about online to choose the method of silver: first: online wholesale 925 silver ornament can't personally try take of choose and buy, can't see the effect, this is many MM difficulties when buy jewelry, always think what would look good? So, after see oneself to like silver, first described the bao bei see clear, and combined with a picture of her. Size is very important must see clear, you'd better use the ruler at hand with a ruler than the size of the painting on it, so you know, in order to avoid received after the baby is so different and imagination. Second: the advantages of online shopping, 925 sterling silver jewelry ornaments wholesale mainly is the price, no entity shop overhead, can offer many than the market price, the silver of the more popular on the market now is 925 silver and Thai silver, and the price is in commonly dozens to hundreds of yuan, online can save half, so online shopping is good.

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