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Online diamond jewelry need to pay attention to several points

by:Kirin      2020-08-27

as jewelry electricity business team, the advantage of online jewelry also increasingly remarkable. Online shopping become an unstoppable trend, it is convenient, affordable, freestyle shopping to attract consumers. So what is the common sense to buy diamond jewelry online problems need to pay attention to? Before you buy, you need to have more knowledge of diamond, know a diamond prettier than the other, and on what basis the price is high. You should learn about diamond 4 c ( Cut, color, clarity, and carat weight) The foundation of knowledge. Once you clear what you want to buy diamond, such as the shape of diamond, diamond 4 c level of demand have clear goals, you can search on the net of diamond and compare the prices, use of these results for reference. Suggest you will you buy diamond during the sellers allowed to return to independent appraisal organization, one of the best diamond mechanism is those who do not sell diamond, diamond in China at present is more formal, however, authentication mechanism is checked. If sent to the other brand jewelry counters, they may be because want to sell their diamond to you and tell you that you buy diamond is problematic. The inspection is very good independent certification agency to help customer identification of diamonds before paying. Independent certification bodies will ensure that diamonds is consistent with certificate of grade. Check to make sure the structure of the diamond, diamond prices is consistent with the market price ( Of course appraisal institutions for the identification of goods is not estimate) Based on expert advice and special equipment evaluation of diamond is beautiful.

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