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Named after the disclosure: about 925 silver four issue

by:Kirin      2020-09-17

nowadays some silver fuzzy identification, tend to make many ordinary consumers, and 925 so-called pure silver and silver is also huge. Such as: 99 sterling silver 999 sterling silver 925 sterling silver jewelry, etc. According to the international general rule sterling silver jewelry industry and China's current national standards, all silver artificial shall specify nominal for synthesis of 925 sterling silver jewelry, but natural pure silver to nominal 999 pure silver. But fuzzy nominal often makes consumers suckers. Call in the field of diamond are similar, this is zircon, namely cubic zirconia, first developed by the Soviet union, so the name. Zircon is artificial compound, but in terms of the dispersion and refractive index with natural diamond is very close, is also the light shinning attractive appearance. You've probably heard the magic stone of stars and the star, mo SangShi, actually they mean the same thing & ndash; — Zircon. It is the product of cultivated in laboratory, because of various physical, chemical, optical effect closer to real zircon. Such name and zircon, Columbia auger drill, drill, Switzerland, Thailand, etc. If it is a natural diamond, generally do not indicate the origin or the natural diamond for South Africa. From the point of the present jewelry market, there are four classes in the naming of jewelry dodgy alarming: first, the vague general designation, such as jade, topaz, peridot collectively known as jade and jade, did not indicate the actual material of the product. Second, make free with jargon, such as green ghost, sun stones such as business name or jargon used in the product label, let consumer is difficult to identify. Third, deliberate omission, such as 18 k gold inlaid ring, does not indicate the name of gems and the price difference of different gemstone. Fourth, named after the producing area. According to related standards in China, in addition to the hetian jade, general jewelry not named after the origin, but on the market at present the so-called nanyang pearl Tahiti black pearls. For ordinary consumers, when buying high-end jewelry, be sure to ask for identification certificate. Appraisal certificate provided by the information, the most concern is the material is natural or artificial, prompt the optimized processing, etc. Artificial jewelry jade, must be in front of the name of the synthesis of two words; Through artificial processing jewelry jade, the name must be labeled with the word or processing methods. These will be indicated on the appraisal certificate, consumers should learn first to see the certificate, and then to buy.

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