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More than 3000 kinds of zirconium drill colour collocation of Athens

by:Kirin      2020-09-14

a few years ago, the family business gem business Cindy Chan to visit in Spain, by a company called ART ē zirconium drill store, jewelry display inside let her memories. Subversion general zirconium drill brand is abruptly. Praise, she not only chose their favorite jewelry, also decided to take the store into the greater China market.

so, ART ē formally began expanding Asian territory since 2002, so far, has been the world altogether has more than 60 stores, in Spain, China, Singapore, dubai and ABU dhabi and other areas. And Cindy Chan also become ART ē executive director of the Asia Pacific region. In the 18th century, ART ē had used the precious natural gem, for the time of the Spanish royal family zirconium diamond jewelry design, and by the Spanish aristocracy are special. Later in order to break through the limitation of natural traditional gem zirconium in drilling design and ART ē at the end of last century has developed a unique and ChengBao crystal diamond, to make more different sizes, shapes, and colourful decorations. According to Cindy, ART ē owns more than 30 colorful crystal diamond, but also optional supplement to become more than 3000 kinds of color combinations. Customers can be based on the existing jewelry design, choose favorite color supplement ART ē gems of the rolls, to create their own personalized jewelry. She thought it tailored service for the guest, can suit the needs of the consumers, especially the bride-to-be. ART ē plan in 2013, the global dealerships increased to 80. Cindy is very bullish on ART ē development potential in custom service, because in the greater China market to provide the service of zirconium drill brand is not much. Albeit with synthetic gems for zirconium drill customization, but ART can achieve advanced zirconium ē drill is exquisite and meticulous, and compared with the advanced zirconium drill more competitive in price and style. I hope everyone can enjoy the pleasure of wearing zirconium drill. Cindy said. In fact, her interest not only in terms of zirconium drill, also runs the beauty industry. Similar in Cindy's view, the nature of the both, ms are all for the love of beauty and the pursuit of perfect service, let ladies enjoy more perfect life details, make life more fulfilling and exciting.
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