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Maintenance of the silver and the other silver now to maintain the same?

by:Kirin      2020-09-23

silver wholesale network said, want to know the real ACTS the role of need from the following questions to know. For silver to maintain a lot of people think learning is a very simple thing, but actually found it not to do, we need professional experts and the silver silver manufacturers give us details about what time about silver maintains some of the problems, only in this way can better, more full of silver is acted the role of yourself become more beautiful, is a professional manufacturer of sterling silver, for all kinds of silver has a deep understanding of and research, can be called silver industry leader, for silver maintain he gave us a detailed record some, let us a comprehensive understanding of silver: first: silver is dirty. Time is long, the surface of the silver ornament is attached to a layer of dirty things, like our clothes dirty, wash it clean. Second: long time no wear, silver ornaments and air oxidation reaction happens, darkened silver ornament. Third: when our body ph is too high. In the summer sweating, for example, sweat a lot of acid. Fourth: wear in the process of contact, acid and alkali substances. For example, when washing a face with facial cleanser, shower on the bath, and so on, these are the substances containing acid and alkali, we take a shower when washing a face, do not be afraid of trouble, it is best to act the role ofing is tasted. For silver and maintenance, to prevent the silver black is so simple, as long as we are a comprehensive understanding to these questions can be better, more complete understanding of silver black treatment method.

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