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Maintain to silver silver wholesale allows you to have a deeper understanding

by:Kirin      2020-09-09

silver wholesale is a professional manufacturer of silver wholesale, for maintenance of various silver need of professionals are not the same, the silver wholesale network according to their own understanding of silver for many years, for many years on the analysis of the status of the silver, give us a list of silver time some maintenance problems, we can deeper understanding of silver wholesale silver manufacturers and silver custom: first: no platinum plating silver, daily cleaning can be more complete, squeeze some toothpaste, for example, add some water, scrub with a soft cloth, aperture soft hair tooth brush the back of the net are available, and then rinse with water. Second: after wear at ordinary times not to deal with silver and collection, will most likely make silver black. Then you should use small brush cleaning fine seam of ornaments, jewelry and then silver milk to drip a drop on the surface of paper, silver black oxide surface wipe, reoccupy dry recovery act the role ofing is tasted originally light silver cloth. Third: including delicate and three-dimensional sculpture made of silver, avoid deliberately polished shiny. If discover the silver signs change yellow, you should first brush with small jewelry clean silver ornaments of the thin seam, and then gently dry with wiping silver cloth surface, can let the silver recover the original silvery white and bright. Fourth: silver when you don't wear away again after cleaning, it is best to good sealed pockets, prevent oxidation. The wearer if sweat more, can every day with a soft cloth to wipe the surface, to maintain the luster and remove dirt. Surface plating platinum silver is acted the role of had better be with special rub silver cloth, rub silver cloth can be in silver brand shop to buy. Note: rub silver cloth for maintenance of ingredients, not washed. Fifth: silver variety of maintenance methods are different, cannot treat as the same, for many of the online maintenance method also can only as a reference, it is best to ask store professionals, in order to avoid their improper operation, the beloved silver is damaged.

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