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Lapis bracelet maintenance method

by:Kirin      2020-03-15
Lapis bracelet cannot be washed. Actually, lapis lazuli is the combination of a variety of minerals, water, dirt can to lapis internal penetration, dim color lapis lazuli, lose luster, therefore, clean lapis bracelet can adopt method with wet cloth to wipe, this is what lapis bracelet maintains one of the methods. Avoid high temperature, not exposure. High temperature circumstances, lapis lazuli to lose the original color and spirituality, so wear lapis bracelet must pay attention to the temperature and avoid exposure. To avoid wear and tear. Lapis lazuli of low hardness, wear lapis bracelet must be careful not to wear, otherwise affect beautiful. Avoid contact with chemicals. Lapis has the characteristics of the acid and alkali resistance, and the inside of the lapis lazuli copper oxide easily, so maintenance lapis bracelet must avoid chemical corrosion. Degaussing on a regular basis. Lapis bracelet degaussing is usually once a month, can use the chrysanthemum degaussing and defensive salt degaussing. Chrysanthemum degaussing: place your lapis bracelet sea chrysanthemum center, after 24 hours; Defensive salt degaussing: the royal guard of salt and water into the container, then put the lapis bracelet in the container.
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