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K gold jewelry is what collocation technique

by:Kirin      2020-03-28
K gold, is a kind of 75% gold and 25% of other metal smelting alloy, K gold by adding different kinds of precious metals can present a rich and colorful color. Compared with the soft gold jewelry, K gold's advantage is its good toughness and hardness, can be more freely for the complex jewelry design or as all kinds of gem inlay material, produced no jewelry gold jewelry easy deformation. So, all kinds of K gold jewelry fashion and good-looking match what are the skills? K gold ring: different styles of K gold ring will present a different style, so everyone at the time of selected K gold ring can be based on the characteristics of personal temperament and the shape of the hand to choose from. If you have very long slender fingers, are more suitable for wearing the ring, wide quit like party, lam pointed ring, etc. , this will let the fingers slightly plump, make the shape of the hand more solid; If your finger is fat, need to use elongated or asymmetric design, stretched hand area of the curve, makes her fingers look more slender. K gold necklace: K gold necklace in addition to match with the neck curve, consider to match with the design of pendant. Have a thick neck length, therefore when selecting a K gold necklace will also differ. Like the neck of thicker, refined classification is not appropriate to wear necklace, this necklace is not easy to attract people's attention. And neck is thin person, wearing a thick chain will give a person a kind of heaviness. In addition, the necklace with pendant collocation also want to take care of, if want to highlight the pendant, necklace shoulds not be too long, if want to reflect the necklace is, you should try to choose more style, more complex, figure. K gold earrings, different styles of K gold earrings suit different temperament of girl, like round-faced girl lovely type suitable for flower shape, heart and other clever and lovely modelling, but capable of career women, while wearing simple and easy design, in the workplace can neither too bright, can foil the elegant style. In addition, wearing earrings is need to match with their own face, the general is a principle, K gold earrings it is best to have the effect of a modified face, make the face look more delicate stereoscopic. Different style, different qualities, when choosing K gold jewellery, there will be different considerations, but still recommend before buying, such collocation fashion of K gold jewelry will be easier, more good-looking.
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