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Jewelry was invited to opening ceremony of guangzhou fashion week 2018

by:Kirin      2020-03-21
Yesterday, 2018 officially opened in guangzhou fashion week, jewelry as guangzhou famous 925 sterling silver jewelry manufacturers, general manager ms pipe was invited to attend! The establishment ceremony of the conference is also a large bay area of guangdong fashion federation, or guangzhou green zero exhaust dyeing and printing global conference said: where is the welfare of the government, enterprises where the dividend will! So we firmly follow the party, this is a support activity by the guangzhou municipal people's government, as a part of the fashion industry, was invited to attend the guangzhou jewelry manufacturers, impressed by the zero line of printing and dyeing the inventor Mr Zou, due to travel Europe planted a Chinese garden is a dream, so have the green zero exhaust dyeing of today! The pride of our people! As Chinese clothing designer association director Li Xiaoyan said: if the fashion to create a better life but not good between pollution and a better life we can do? Beauty and good will coexist? Worth thinking about! Zero pollution is our yearning for a better life, guangdong jewelry industry accounted for 70% more than the national industry volume, guangzhou area is the main production of jewelry, 60 - Europe and the United States 70% of all jewelry is Made In guangzhou! The union, Hong Kong and Macao to join fashion, means that we should go out already, also want to and the domestic cities and other industrial linkage up and looking forward to a better future! Guangzhou jewelry co. , LTD is a company specializing in the production of 925 sterling silver jewelry manufacturers, for domestic and foreign each big silver brand generation process, you can also call 24 h service hot line: 138 - 2500 - 5033 ( WeChat with Numbers) Immediately, counseling online customer service, the company wholeheartedly for your service!
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