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Jewelry store to handle the 'cash-for-clunkers' need to show your identification card

by:Kirin      2020-08-17

to the jewelry store cash gold jewelry, or handle & other; To old change new & throughout; Need to show your identification card. Yesterday learned from valuable jade association of fujian province that launched the jewelry industry in our province the gold recovery filing system is expected to nationwide, citizens to regular jewelry store sales of gold jewelry, must show your identification card information, purchase invoices, etc. Before it is reported that the Ministry of Public Security bureau of fujian province joint valuable jade association of fujian province to carry out the store security activities of the attention. Our store record mode has been performed, 1 year is a national initiative. So far, there have been hundreds of home store in fujian province of fujian treasure of filing recycling or replacement of old gold. According to the pattern of fujian, besides thickening glass jewelry store counters installed, and sell it to prevent citizens to regular jewelry store sales of gold jewelry, also must show your identification card and purchase invoices, etc. Fujian association is treasure in the form of self-discipline for jewelry store filing system, unified free 'the old gold recovery or replacement of fujian province register form', and to inform the store where the police station.

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