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Jewelry making process

by:Kirin      2020-09-18

every piece of jewelry designers and makers into the soul, the birth of them need to be very heavy and complicated process steps. Below we will introduce you to the whole process of a diamond ring from design to finished product.

concept and design: stylist hand-drawn sketches, their design and use of drawing software in the sketch accurate size to computer drawing, complete the original design drawings.

craftsmen carved wax: jewelry artisans with reference to the design drawings by hand carved out of the stencil, reuse of lost wax casting method poured out silver version, while stencil batch production need silver version of the rubber mold. This is the most demanding jewelry manufacture craft process, made the silver version must be smooth and flawless, reasonable structure, each part of gems that accurate position size.

plastic mold wax injection, rubber mold opened for wax injection after operation. The wax wax injection machine should be kept in the 70 - Between 75 degrees, inject wax liquid film, remove the wax models after cooling, repeat, get more than a wax models.

choose with rock: according to the silver version, and wax models, choosing a size, shape and color of right with stone.

finish wax type: ready for the bulk production when all the stencil.

a wax tree: each to a wax wax ring separate manual welding rods, eventually get a shape resembling a tree of wax tree, ready to cast.

pouring gypsum: will a good wax tree on the chassis connected set of stainless steel tube, and the corresponding weight of gypsum slurry slowly along the inner wall of the cylinder injection, wax tree, natural prevent 6 - after vacuum 12 hours to make plaster solidification. :

roasting gypsum plaster mould to baking, action is dewaxing, drying and casting heat preservation.

pouring liquid gold, will have been melted with good liquid gold, from the gate injection.

gypsum mould Fried to wash and clean: after casting gypsum mould in high temperature condition, natural placed after 10 - removed from a casting machine 30 minutes, add to fry to wash in cold water. When gypsum due to the contraction crack, remove gold tree, steel brush away chunks of gypsum, in 30% of hydrofluoric acid soak for 10 minutes, after flushing, pick out to remove residual gypsum, until golden tree surface clean.

shear casting: the gold jewelry in the tree along the bottom of the nozzle cut out to dry.

smooth process: all calender to manually, with special Ya knife pushing back and forth in the surface of jewelry, this process needs certain techniques and methods.

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