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Jewelry maintenance tips

by:Kirin      2020-09-16

the cool autumn, eleven 'golden week' will soon be past, many people choose to travel with family, feel the breath of autumn. During the outing, remind everybody in the play also don't forget to make jewelry maintenance yo. Now teach you some jewelry maintenance tips: 1, when you wash your hands in the best to get off hand wear jewelry, jade, because soap contains different levels of alkaline substances, accumulate over a long period, for more fragile gems, may cause damage, and soap in the soap quality easily also stuck in a crack in the ring, which greatly influence the luster of the gem and brightness. Play during the travel, swim and so on, also easy bruising gems. 2, go out a lot of people will make up, remind you: cosmetics should try to avoid contamination to jewelry. Ferial dress should be spray perfume, make-up and when to wear jewelry, in order to avoid high levels of direct contact to the surface of jewelry, cosmetics, perfume should be added such as perfume, should also avoid spraying perfume directly into the surface of jewelry. 3, annual claw jewels, or ring, should avoid to hook into clothes, bags, otherwise easy to cause the main stone falls off. In general, should be in good, wear to wear jewelry. In terms of jewelry set method, the insurance, the most difficult to set method is set on the clothes, but the package is set to encase the whole waist, the light can't come in, plus K gold part use morer, visual effect is inferior to claw set more handsome and attractive, so now a lot of jewelry is given priority to with claws inserted, still remind you to pay special attention to wear order. 4, a lot of people have for hand washing will remove jewelry is lost on the sink, or accidentally drop the ground were injured. Especially after the event more need to be careful in this travel outside. But such a small accident can be avoided completely. When you buy jewelry, jewelry store will send a small jewelry box, put inside, jewelry looks beautiful beautiful. But after a lot of people remove jewelry, jewelry box is idle at home in the drawer, is this little jewel box has its own use. Small, do not take a place, it can carry, go out to wash their hands when the ring can be removed, conveniently into jewelry box, this habit can greatly reduce the risk of lost jewelry. These tips you remember? Finally shenzhen trade co. , LTD. Wish you a happy holiday and life!

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