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Jewelry in the wear trace?

by:Kirin      2020-03-20
Jewelry especially diamond jewelry if proper care is easy to cause in the process of wear abrasion, wear jewelry in the trace? Precious metals such as jewelry, jade jewelry repair, finally get the jewelry factory is responsible for the maintenance, maintenance can't do it yourself. Damage to a variety of reasons, extrusion, knock against, bear to drag, the distortion is the main reason. In addition, as high temperature, chemical substances, the body sweat, can also lead to jewelry is a certain degree of damage or completely damaged. Jewelry in the wear trace? In imitation of gold jewelry, because its main material is: copper, silver, etc. , so it can use soldering iron welding processing. Before welding, the first will be damaged parts of the jewelry with a knife scrape, such as the damaged parts of the contact surface is small, still can use the interface file, increase the joint Angle area. Perfume: then put in the contact surface. Of stainless steel and aluminum metal materials, it must use the special welding powder and solder. Jewelry welding is completed, and then with a small file grinding weld repairing is flat and level.
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