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Jewelry has collection value of the four indexes

by:Kirin      2020-03-20
1, material to make advanced jewelry, material selection of nots allow to ignore. Can be called senior jewelry, quality assurance is one of the most important. Senior jewelry materials is best Mosaic of precious metals ( Gold, platinum) , because this material is more value. In addition, precious and semi-precious stones and gems and high-quality diamond are senior jewelry material of choice. Science and technology developed today, the market launch of the gem is mostly through artificial processing, to exaggerate the gem itself value. Therefore 100% real natural stones ( If without heat treatment) Set of high-end jewelry is the quality guarantee. 2, process each brand has its both traditional and unique design and embedded technology. Works unique craftsmanship and brand personality and characteristics for any piece of fine jewelry is an indispensable element. In addition to individual eye-catching style, will the brilliance of the material itself, let play inside collect yet elegant brilliant luster of gem is senior craftsmen create jewelry when considering the point. Perfect manual and detailed design, flexible change is the essential condition of advanced jewelry. A & other; Good & throughout; Senior jewelry works can make all the wearer after wearing show & other; Beauty & throughout; The effect. 3, historical sense of fine jewelry to identify its historical value, in addition to from the design style is concerned, is to see a rarity and embedded in the fine jewelry jewel in value. As the change of nature, human exploitation, qingzhen, explore natural, high quality and the number of CARDS gem less and less, some gems origin even extinct. Therefore, a high quality rare gems, such as sapphire in Kashmir and Burma's smoky, its historical value is very high. To conclude that the historical value of a high-end jewelry, is concluded that the gem TianRanXing accuracy and quality and therefore gem certificate is a work of fine jewelry value confirmation. To determine the true and false antique jewelry, the experience of the appreciator, the assistance of instruments of the Ming and the certificate is required. 4, jewelry technology, artistic creation & other; Beauty & throughout; Is people's pursuit of conditions. Creative inspiration, usually comes from real life. In the form of simulation, the real life, bit by bit such as morphology of nature and human emotion into the pretty extraordinary works of jewelry. , & other; Beauty & throughout; Is the creation of the important elements. “ Like as spirit likeness & throughout; , the successful works of jewelry, should can be experienced in the work of inspiration for their beauty and charm. Unique temperament of inspiration will shows into works, works contain infinite view and artistic value.
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