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Jewelry exhibition, need to pay more attention to

by:Kirin      2020-09-06

shenzhen jewellery and Hong Kong jewellery not long ago, shenzhen is also involved in the trade co. , LTD. From the summer to winter every year, the world of jewelry exhibition really many. You can see a lot of classic masterpiece, view, but small make up in this remind you pay attention to the following points to prevent pit, lest affect your beautiful mood. 1, all kinds of businesses decided the jewelry quality of high and low, if you buy fake goods is difficult to refund, no matter what the size of the exhibition, host is not responsible for what you buy goods, so a non-professional must do more to learn more. 2, there are a lot of pavilion, such as Hong Kong, Taiwan and overseas, according to the observation, the best quality of Hong Kong, Taiwan's worst, Taiwan's most expensive, most fakes is Taiwan, a lot of dyeing, filling, disorderly names, mostly in the Taiwan pavilion. Overseas pipe whether to buy a diamond, or colored stones, most of them are indians, they often what claims to be the United States, the children of Israel, but take out the passport is India, so talk with foreigners to be more careful, must be drawn, all color gemstone optimization is the somebody else want to come out,. 3, is the cause of most of domestic businesses want you to bid, to their prices to be the best. 4, attention to watch his wallet, don't be fooled, and beware of thieves. The relatively large size 5, had better be in decorate good businesses to buy, although and market price is not too big difference, but at least can guarantee quality, people will give you a formal invoice and tell you the contact way of the real.

PS: during the exhibition, the staff were laborious!

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