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Jewelry consumption is still a huge potential market

by:Kirin      2020-09-21

in the first half of the jewelry market has been in a state of severe contraction, now finally usher in the summer, our jewelry export-oriented enterprises are greatly influenced by the financial crisis, but the mainland market, continue to maintain the prosperity. A, jewelry consumption demand market boom in 2009, the mainland jewelry market demand is strong, both production and marketing. In the first half of the Shanghai diamond exchange finished drill general trade imports rose by 12. 7%. In the first three quarters of this year, colored gemstones sales up 30% from a year earlier. Gold jewelry demand is expected to the year of 400 tons, more than 326 last year. 7 tons. Jade market basically stable, high-end product prices rose slightly. Pearl product price is low in 30% ~ 50%. In 2008 and the first half of 2009, some famous brand in large and medium-sized cities to establish branches in succession, new quantity is over 2500. At the beginning of a lot of processing enterprises in recruiting, many factory's order has been received early next year. Jewelry sales on the mainland in 2009 is expected to exceed 200 billion yuan, up 10% from a year earlier. At present, our country has become one of the world's leading jewelry consumer, many important jewelry products consumption has ranked among the top of the world. Consumption in the world, jade, jade and platinum pearl production, artificial stones processing capacity is also the world's first, become the first gold spending this year will more than India, diamond has exceeded Japan ranked second, red sapphire, silver consumption are also high in the world. 2, jewelry consumer market is still great potential for China's large population vast. As of June 2009, every balance of financial institutions in our country as 56. 63 trillion yuan, the year-on-year growth of 29. 02%. At the same time, also presents the fast growth of residents' consumption situation, consumer spending rose 10 during the first half of the year. 3%. As Chinese medical treatment, endowment insurance and other social welfare system, perfecting the Chinese spending power will be further release. City is the most important jewelry consumption market. China has nearly 3000 counties, there are quite a city of 655, of which more than 1 million people in the big city there are nearly 200. Vast rural area market is far from didn't get due development, broad development space. And China's social stability and sustainable economic development, and so on all is for the development of the mainland jewelry franchising industry provides a solid material foundation. Expect a decade later, the jewelry market in mainland China in consumption will reach 400 billion yuan. Three, increasingly mature if industry development, the mainland started at the beginning of the jewelry market, as long as you produce the products, can sell go out, so now the mainstream market has told you & other; Don't & throughout; . As the competition, the market in terms of technology, design, and culture idea puts forward higher requirements on products, enterprises must constantly excavate and innovation jewelry culture, absorb the advanced design idea and elements, for the specific needs of different groups, to build their own products, can be in an impregnable position in the market. Mainland consumers now buy jewelry, the price is not the most important factor. As long as your product design is novel, unique style, craft excellent, can express specific emotional appeal, consumers are willing to pay higher prices. Meet the needs of the competition, the mainland enterprise brand join greatly enhance the consciousness, the innovation culture connotation, improve the level of technology and design aspects, in marketing, customer service training investment is enormous. Brand is a direct result of the construction of the high quality brand's market share is more and more big, the industry concentration is higher and higher. This is also a performance of the maturity of the industry. From simply selling products to sell, as it were, culture, technology, sell services, is one of the most gratifying changes the mainland market. It means that an industry from scattered to centralized, from focusing on price to pay attention to brand, more marks a industry shift from quantity to quality.

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