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Jewelry common cleaning method

by:Kirin      2020-03-20
Clean diamonds: use 1 6 copies of water and ammonia solution. Use a soft toothbrush or toothpicks, can from any gap to eliminate any dust or particles. Rinse and dry soft cloth to wipe clean. Cleaning gold, K gold and other precious stones jewelry: use a mild dishwashing liquid, jewelry in the solution soak for a few minutes, and then with a soft brush gently brush away dirt, reoccupy lukewarm the wind to blow dry, with a soft cloth to wipe. Please don't soak gems, such as turquoise, amber or lapis lazuli, because the soaking can damage their color and texture. For gold jewelry stain much more special, soaking in alcohol or ammonia wash. Clean pearl jewelry: mild soap solution to clean the pearl. Then, with a soft dry cloth. Cleaning the silver ornament: use soft toothbrush, use mild soap and warm water, can quickly restore the luster of silver ornament and light. Wet silver ornaments to use soft cloth to wipe the surface of the silver ornament, can also immediately that you have a good, clean silver ornament. Clean clothing jewelry and diamond: with a soft brush to dirt and dust. Use a window cleaner, soft lint-free cloth sprayed need to clean the surface of the stone.
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