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Jewelry collocation technique

by:Kirin      2020-03-20
The collocation of jewelry is a big knowledge, understand collocation is better for garment have the effect that make the finishing point, women are more should know the collocation of jewelry skills, below we together to get to know the collocation according to the occasion jewelry techniques. 1, the dinner party chooses bright is changeful style dinner party at night you need to highlight your charm, in the evening, you need to choose a few more bright-coloured, styles and changeable adorn article, but you need to pay attention to the quantity of jewelry, don't put all your exaggerated jewelry collocation in the body, so it will have the opposite effect. If you are relatively high-end party, you can choose a few high and luxuriant dress, but in the choice of jewelry is simple and easy. 2, recreational household ornaments need more show grade no matter you are home or leisure travel, appropriate jewelry collocation can better reveal your charm, in this kind of informal occasions, you can choose a few more beautiful color precious or semi-precious stones jewelry, the collocation of this kind of jewelry and recreational outfit can better, is to let you show different grade in the plain. When leisure wear jewelry jewelry that you need to choose more design feeling some imaginative creative idea of jewelry can add many surprises to your life. Is, of course, if you go to outdoor sports, you need to choose a few simple and easy style, don't choose too the adornment of heavy and complicated, otherwise it will not suitable for your outdoor sports. 3, visiting friends and relatives with more show individual character in front of friends and family is your jewelry collocation can according to your own hobby, you can add a bit of color to your jewelry, it can better increase intimacy with friends and family, of course you also need to be done according to the occasion jewelry collocation, if you attend is relatively thick wedding ceremony is to match some design is exquisite jewelry, better reveal your personality charm. It is best to wear suits your personality and your taste of diamond jewelry, in the emotional culture connotation of jewelry into full play, but also make it become a kind of symbol of body language, fully embody their own unique taste and personality. 4, it is advisable to market the jewelry is simple and easy for career women in the collocation of jewelry it is important to note that according to the circumstance to undertake collocation, can clever choose to suit your temperament and style of jewelry, shaping their personality taste, is that you find the confidence and the key to success. To breakthrough business attire color simple, can in the hair and chest and some necklaces match colors vivid colored gemstones, serious in business attire, showing the flexible and beauty of women. Also don't a curve on the edge of the suit collar, brooch, on the design of can make suit grave to add a few silk of active movement. Of course, you can also choose to wear a necklace, the length of the necklace, qualitative material, colour and design style is different, clever collocation, can also increase the movement and rhythm beauty kit.
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