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Identification of the 925 sterling silver tip

by:Kirin      2020-03-28
Silver not only cheap but also can well reveal the temperament of women, so popular with more and more people. But now the good and evil people mixed up the market, want to buy a real piece of jewelry is very difficult, so today's Oriental Mabel mall small make up to introduce 925 sterling silver identification tips for you, hope to be able to help you choose the best accessories. The density of 1, the weight of the weigh of jewelry silver metal density is slightly larger than normal, then when the choose and buy can through the way of phase modulation weight of silver preliminary judgment. People often say, & other; Aluminium material is qualitative light, silver, copper in the material also don't belong to miss between light & throughout; , if a larger volume is light in weight, then can preliminary judgment this act the role ofing is tasted not 925 sterling silver. 2, with acid test has studied chemistry at friends all know that silver acid will change color, even dissolve, acid can be used to identify the sterling silver jewelry. On the silver drop a drop of concentrated hydrochloric acid, if you have white moss silver chloride precipitation, is silver, if not, it is not pure silver. 3, look at the color of the jewelry in general, the higher the purity of silver, silver surface will be more white, colour and lustre is uniform, shiny and jewelry. If there are grey in the sterling silver jewelry, then there must be contain lead; If jewelry surface rough, not smooth and moist feeling, so there must be containing copper, so 925 sterling silver when the choose and buy must pay attention to this. 4, check the hardness in all kinds of metal jewelry, lead, tin, hardness is larger, copper, silver minimum hardness, at the time of identification can use a needle on the jewelry, if there is almost no trace on the jewelry, the jewelry is the copper decorations; If the trace is obvious, it is lead and tin products; If have trace on the act the role ofing is tasted, but not very obvious, then the jewelry is sterling silver jewelry.
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