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Identification of adulteration gold jewelry

by:Kirin      2020-03-18
What the more popular, the higher the likelihood of fraud, that thing now as the price of gold increased slowly, the traders also take gold operation, on gold jewelry adulteration of fraud phenomenon, but they cheat, we also have to identify gold jewelry adulterated tricks! A, see color: the higher the purity of gold jewelry, colour and lustre more deep. In the absence of the gold medal is decided according to the following color couplers (roughly By the green gold. The so-called green gold is gold only containing silver content) : deep red yellow colour over 95%, shallow yellow 90% ~ 95%, light yellow is 80% ~ 85%, 65% ~ 70% greenish yellow, color green with white light is only 50% ~ 60%, light yellow and white is less than 50%. As seven green, yellow, nine red can be for reference. Second, fry gold experts how to make money for free accounts guide to guide the bank's gold and silver TD bank gold, gold and silver trading simulation software set the desktop market quotation tool and ok weight: the proportion of gold to 19, 32, is better than silver, copper, lead, zinc, aluminum and other metals. As the volume of gold is more than 40% heavier than silver, heavier than copper 1. 2 times heavier than aluminum 6. 1 times. Gold ornaments in hand can have the feeling of the sinking, and fake gold will feel light. This law shall not apply to gold ornaments inlaid gems. Three, the hardness: soft, low hardness, of pure gold with his nails can also create impressions, teeth can leave tooth marks, assaying the fineness of gold jewelry color-forming high than low to soft, copper is more hard, bending can also test the hardness, pure and soft, easy to bend, purity is lower, the more is not easy to bend. Such as for gold, bend or break, sand section has obvious granular. Four, listen to the voice: looks at more than 99% of the gold to throw on hard court, have a beep sound, audio blank no stretch. Fake or low colour gold crisp sound without depressing feeling, general issue & other Dangdang when & throughout; Noise and sound echoes, fall to the ground after beating violently. Five, the burn: will identify with fire burn (red ornaments Don't make jewelry melting deformation) , cooling after observation of color changes, such as the surface is still in the original gold colour and lustre is pure gold; Such as a dark or black, different level is not pure gold. Generally the lower the colour, the color is more thick, all black, that is fake gold jewellery. Six, see sign: domestic gold ornaments is a mixture of the purification, according to the international standards and play on the stamp, such as & other; 24K” Mark & other; Pure gold & throughout; Or & other Jewellery & throughout; ; 18 k gold, mark & other; 18K” The words; The colour below 10 K, according to the rules will not be able to play K golden number. Criminals on the society at present commonly used manufacturing fake brands and generic stamp, with thin gold, gold, or even pretend to be real gold brass, therefore identify gold ornaments to comprehensive judgement according to the samples to determine the true and false and deceptive.
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