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I am a woman I am happy

by:Kirin      2020-09-09

I am a woman I'm happy, why is there such a word out? As a woman can grade for their beauty, can also be for their beauty to wear a different style, for such a woman silver wholesale manufacturers give us the latest silver quality distinguish method, believe that we can better understand the silver, silver for us to better understand the meaning of the woman, silver woman is can't refuse to believe that love, see silver wholesale manufacturers give us what method: first: the acid test. Silver encounter any acid will become angry, and even dissolve. If in silver jewelry inside a drop of concentrated hydrochloric acid and will immediately generate white moss of silver chloride precipitation. And other precious metals, no this phenomenon. The second: bending method: with handle gently fold the silver ornament, easy bending is not easy to break the color-forming high; Stiff, barely moving looks very low; By bending or with a hammer to knock a few times will be split to wrap large jewelry; Can't afford to light, and easy break to fake. Third: colour and lustre. Silver jewelry is in microstrip yellow silvery white, is a soft metal luster. Because of easy oxidation, time is long, with yellowish-white color will become dark. Fourth: mark. Silver jewelry on general should play English abbreviation ( S or Sterling) The mark. Sterling silver stamp is S925. Fine silver stamp is S990. But there are also many countries not dozen mark on the silver jewellery. Fifth: ok. The density of silver to 10. 53 grams per cubic centimeter. Small than platinum, gold, weigh in hand by hand without object handle. Steel can trace, also can be bent. In this way can be silver and platinum, K platinum or copy to distinguish the German silver jewelry. Sixth: phonology. Sterling silver jewelry after landing sound dull, don't bounce, not rolling. : 7 color differentiation method: observe with the eye, looks white, luster, fine workmanship, and in the number printed on the jewelry store, for assaying the high silver jewelry; Much inferior matte color for the poor quality of silver jewelry.

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