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How to wear the silver more show temperament

by:Kirin      2020-09-08

love beautiful girls want to wear silver, gold seems too tacky, 925 sterling silver jewelry ornaments in the wholesale silver ornament is elegant, more suitable for women's wear, is the silver wear but there are so many places need to pay attention to.

silver absorbed mercury, after absorbing mercury, serious destruction of the surface quality, completely lose luster, the formation of silver amalgam ( Mercury is also called the silver) 。 In the humid air, silver easily by sulfur vapor and hydrogen sulfide corrosion, make surface black ( This is one of the basic forming conditions of Thai silver) 。 To this end, we will pay attention to the following items: in our daily life

1, cosmetics not only contain mercury, and containing sulfur, this can make the silver generated black silver sulfide. In addition, if the air contains sulfur is also unfavorable to wear silver. Those who live or work in a chemical plant in chemical plant will attention, more can't wear silver!

2, ozone can also lead to the silver black. As used in the daily life anion generator, alexipharmic ark should not be placed in silver jewelry.

3, after a few egg kind metamorphic can produce hydrogen sulfide gas, if associated with egg operations staff should not be worn during work time.

4, purification of water often contain bleached or chlorine, for silver has serious erosion, erosion after silver, lose luster, produce white silver chloride. Therefore, should not be wearing silver into the bath.

5, detergent containing bleach, ingredient is chlorine bleach, for silver has certain corrosion effect.

6, mercury ( Mercury) And silver will happen will happen serious damage, even form the amalgam, so be careful when using a thermometer.

7, silver soluble in hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, if you will pay attention when work in the side.

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