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How to wear silver

by:Kirin      2020-09-11

sometimes wear a dress, always feel less something and so will depend on a few adornment to foil and beautification, wear 925 sterling silver jewelry has two methods, one is to find for their own style, another is to follow the fashion trends. Anyway, no matter how collocation, foil a personal style and quality is a prerequisite for, look at the following introduction, from now on to enjoy the fun brought by silver we play the part of beautiful.

1。 Business attire for supplement design modelling concise, delicate silver necklace.

2。 Unique design, suitable for casual wear supplement exaggerated modelling sterling silver ring.

3。 Type cute dress up wearing a small silver bracelet fitting bells.

4。 Lady type suitable for wearing a fashionable and the handmade silver ornament of of primitive simplicity, give a person low-key intellectual luxuriant.

5。 Mosaic color artificial gem ( Excluding black) Silver is suitable for young girls to wear, older women wear can have act young, while men wear too feminine.

6。 Tibetan silver color personality strong, unfavorable collocation business attire, lest give a person the sense of not enough professional, capable.

7。 Silver should not be mixed with golden yellow gold jewelry to wear, because of its temperament is not the same, but different style silver can be put together, rich texture.

8。 Silver worn out after dark, doesn't need to be cleaned to continue to wear, that kind of nostalgic taste is also very good.

9。 Silver is belong to fashion, pay attention to wear often transform design, don't put the popular element is too obvious to out-of-season silver wear.

10。 This year the popular collocation method of the present, it is to make two or more silver is acted the role of mutual collocation, can be in the same necklace hang two different style of pendant, create a different feeling. Silver, full of the flavor of city and fine feeling shirt or plain sweater mutual collocation, natural floating elegant charm.

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