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How to protect the vulnerable regions of the silver jewellery?

by:Kirin      2020-08-16

jewelry of some components and parts easy to damage, wear, maintenance, please be sure to be careful, shun tak silver brand, compare these jewelry components and parts which are easily damaged, summarized as follows: ring: gem base, refers to the wheel and petals. Necklace ( Including bracelet, necklace, foot chain) : closed circle and toggle hook. Hang necklace pendant, melon seeds, climbing bolt ( Refers to the heart, according to box) Tooth and petals, gem base. Earrings: butterfly, claw, screws and link chain. Pin: insurance and gem base teeth long needle. Bracelet, bracelet body pattern and door head toggle hook. Clip: crocodile type spring clip. Above are some commonly used jewelry wearing parts and damageable parts. When buy first to check these parts and parts; When the belt should pay attention to the protection of the components and parts, light, not hard pull. If found to have problems and phenomenon, can drop some clocks oil ( No other fuel) 。

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